Staff Review

Eucharistic Participation: The Reconfiguration of Time and Space

Hans Boersma (Regent College Publishing)

Hans Boersma, Saint Benedict Servants of Christ Chair in Ascetical Theology at Nashotah House Theological Seminary and Research Professor of Theology at Regent College provides a concise and accessible primer on the theology of eucharistic participation. He is especially concerned with re- addressing the two issues of the Lord’s Supper as sacrifice and as real presence, which were central to the debates of the Protestant Reformation.

Dr. Boersma explains how the Eucharist, according to a participatory understanding, reconfigures time and space in view of the eschatological reality of Christ’s crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension; likewise, eucharistic participation necessarily entails sacrifice without diminishing the supremely unique sacrifice of Christ on the cross. Written in a conversational tone that is both charitable to the Roman Catholic perspective and sympathetic to the concerns of the Reformers, this booklet is perfect for anyone interested in fostering healthy ecumenical dialogue, as well as those looking for a basic introduction to the theological issues surrounding the Lord’s Supper. Its brevity (72 pages total) and accessibility make it ideal for a small group study or church resource table.

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