Staff Review

NIV Heritage Bible: Premier Collection


Allow me to admit that the whole idea of a “premium” Bible may be off-putting to some. Is it right to spend nearly two hundred dollars on a book that says so much about economic justice and giving to the poor, especially when cheaper options are available? Recognizing that readers will have varying opinions here, my experience is that premium Bibles are investments, for several reasons. Many of these premium Bible are guaranteed for life, and their higher build quality means they are sure to outlast several cheaper options. In addition, and perhaps even more significantly, a finely crafted Bible helps to serve as a daily reminder of the sacredness of this “Book above all other books.” A well-crafted Bible serves as a visual indicator of the preciousness of the words contained within.

The NIV Heritage Bible is stunning in both quality and design, and as mentioned above, is guaranteed for life. Opening this Bible is an experience in itself. The Bible comes in an unusually sturdy, and tastefully designed box, which is itself sure to stand the test of time. After opening the box, one immediately notices that the Bible has been carefully wrapped in black paper, and sealed with a decorative stamp. The goatskin leather on the top-of-the-line model is incredibly supple. (For those who desire the look, quality and features of the Heritage Bible, An imitation leather option is available for less than half the price of the goatskin edition). One of my favorite characteristics of this Bible is the blue-silver gilt page edging, something I have not seen before. This blue-silver finish ties wonderfully with the blue 10pot Comfort Print font used throughout the text block. The Bible also includes three lengthy page ribbons, one blue, one red, and one black.

I am delighted to see the work that Zondervan has invested in upgrading the quality and design of the NIV.  This NIV Heritage Bible is the finest I have seen at this price point. Whether it’s for yourself, or a gift for a friend, this Bible is an excellent investment. (You can learn more about this Bible on Zondervan's US website here).