Milestone Regent Book

Sources of the Christian Self

A Cultural History of Christian Identity (Eerdmans, 2018)
This book is meant to draw together the Regent Community

Originating from James Houston’s ever fertile, creative mind, the present book embodies his original vision for Regent College and expresses his gratitude for the faculty, board, and staff in their tireless labor to clarify and sustain what it means to be Christian and therefore a fully human being. In particular, this book is intended as acknowledgment to Regent alumni, who have continued to live out and clarify their Christian identity in every conceivable academic and nonacademic place in the world. It is only with the alumni’s continued support—financially, intellectually, and spiritually—that we can keep Regent’s vision alive. In a spirit of encouragement and gratitude, this book is meant to draw together the Regent Community. We therefore dedicate the book to them, and to those friends of Regent who continue to support the college with their donations, prayers, and time (from the book's acknowledgements).

Last summer we received a very exciting shipment of books at our store. After much planning and hard work, a milestone Regent book with contributors spanning three generations was complete. Much to our pleasant surprise, the shaper and commissioner behind the book, Dr. James Houston, just so happened to be on campus the same day the book arrived. On the right is a photo of our dear friend opening the very first box of the shipment, just moments after it arrived.

Thanks to a special deal organized with the publisher, we at the Bookstore are able to offer Sources of the Christian Self at an unbeatable in-store price . Right now you can buy one copy of the book for just $23.99 and receive a second copy for free! (The retail price is $73.99!). While this special pricing is in-store only, we are very pleased to extend this deal to off-campus around the globe. Just please be advised: shipping prices can be quite high--often much higher than most people think--and we will need to apply the complete shipping charge to the order (still a steal in the end, if you consider the savings on the books themselves!) Please phone (604-228-1820) or email ([email protected]) to inquire about shipping prices. We would be happy ship larger quantities of the book, which are often more-economical in terms of shipping costs.

Readers will find something for everyone in Sources of the Christian Self, be it Iain Provan on "Moses: Man of God"; Janet Soskice on "Dante: The Path of the Pilgrim" or Craig Gay on "Jacques Ellul: Christian Identity in the Technological Society." The book is sub-divided into seven parts, tracing Christianity identity as it is found in the following periods:

  1. The Old Testament
  2. The New Testament
  3. In the Early Church
  4. In the Middle Ages
  5. In the Age of Reform
  6. In the Emergence of the Modern World
  7. In the Upheavals of the Twentieth Century

This is a large book, featuring the work of 42 contributors, totaling over 600 pages, thus serving as a master-class in the history of what is means to be a Christian. (On his blog, Scot McKnight labelled the book “second-to-none for those studying Christian identity”). Yet at the same time, the stand-alone essays help to make such a large book quite manageable for shorter reads. This book also makes for a great gift for non-Regent friends and family, who may have some familiarity with Christian history, but would be interested in learning about the development of a Christian identity through the ages.