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Newest Regent College Publishing Title

John Stott & Steve Garber (Regent College Publishing)
Having a word like "vocation" changes the way we understand the relationship of worhsip to work, of what we believe to the way we live.

The newest release from Regent College Publishing is Mission: Rethinking Vocation by John Stott and Steve Garber. Mission is an introduction to why the concept of vocation is so central to Christian living. This 32-page booklet is comprised of a chapter from John Stott's book Christian Mission in the Modern World, along with an introduction by Regent's own Professor of Marketplace Theology and Leadership, Steve Garber. 

If you've taken a course with Professor Garber or heard him speak at a conference, you know how passionate he is about helping people integrate how they spend their time with what they believe. This short book is a great primer on vocation and mission, and gets right at the heart of Regent's mission to equip Christians for meaningful service in all aspects of life.  

Mission is available in-store for just $9.99, on our direct-fullfilment site Aerio, as well as on Amazon CA and Amazon US.