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Frequent Buyer Coupons: 2020 Edition

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Looking for a perfect excuse to pick up that next book?

If you've ever made a purchase at our store, you've likely been asked, "do you have an account with us?" The reason we do this is because customers earn money-saving coupons at our store each year. Every $100 spent per calendar year equals 1 coupon earned, and each coupon is valid for 25% off of any regular-priced item or an additional 20% off of a yellow-stickered item.

In the past, we've sent a yearly coupon mail-out to our friends in the lower mainland in late-November. We're doing things somewhat differently this year largely due to the disruption COVID has caused, and have decided to forgo a mail out. Instead consider this the official announcement that another year's batch of coupons has now been tabulated, and you may have a few coupons on file under your name! We keep written record of coupons in a binder at our front counter (very high-tech, we know!) so please inquire, either in-person, or by email ([email protected]) or phone (604-228-1820) to find out if you have any coupons on file. Coupons can be applied on in-store purchases, as well as on phone and mail-orders. However, coupons are not redeemable on orders placed at our Aerio store--sorry! Coupons are valid now until Oct 31 2021.

Thanks very much for your support this past year!