Faith is a slippery word. Discover why saving faith is best understood as allegiance.

We regret to advise that this weekend's lecture series with Regent alumnus Matthew Bates has been postponed indefinitely due to the cancellation of Dr. Bates's flight. Please stay tuned for an upcoming notice about a new date.

Matthew Bates is the Assistant Professor of Theology at Qunicy University in Illinois. He is the author of three excellent books, The Hermeneutics of Apostolic Proclamation" (Baylor University Press, 2012), The Birth of the Trinity (Oxford University Press, 2015), and mostly recently, Salvation by Allegiance Alone (Baker Academic, 2017). On Bates' work in Salvation by Allegiance Alone Michael Gorman wrote "his argument for saving faith as embodied, enacted allegiance is rooted in solid scholarship and presented with both zeal for the kingdom and concern for the church. This is a much-need corrective to many misunderstandings." Scot McKnight also labelled Allegiance Alone an "outstanding book." Matthew is also the co-host of the excellent Biblical Studies podcast, OnScript. He is an accessible author and speaker, who writes and speaks in service of both the church and the academy.